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Investment Opportunities In St. Kitts

· Tax holidays for certain qualified investment projects
· No restrictions on the repatriation of profits and imported capital
· Corporate tax incentives
· Full exemption from airport duties
· Tax relief benefits export allowance
· No Personal Income Tax
· No net worth tax, gift tax, estate duty tax and sales tax Applying for Economic Citizenship
· The Proposal
· Completed Application Form
· Location Plan
· Site Plan, showing topography
· Proof of Ownership
· An investment of US$400,000 and above Applicable Registration Fees*
· US $35,000 for the main applicant
· US $15,000 for the spouse
· US $15,000 for any dependent children under the age of 18
· US $35,000 for any dependent unmarried children older than 18 but younger than 25
· US $47 for each certificate of registration
· US $13 for each passport Taxes
· Annual Residential Property Tax 0.2% of the market value of the property
* Government fees are subject to change.

Investment Opportunities: Welcome
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